How It Works

TaskRatchet is the only todo list that makes you do the tasks you add.

Add a Task

When adding a task, TaskRatchet asks you for three pieces of information:

Get Reminded

Currently, the only reminder that TaskRatchet has is a daily summary email which includes all your tasks you haven’t yet completed. This is almost certainly not the optimal solution. If you have opinions regarding how reminders should work, please email me at nathan@taskratchet.com. The more feedback I can get on how people would like reminders to work, the better!

Complete the Task

If all goes well, you check off the task in your list before the deadline comes, and that’s it! You won’t be charged for that task.

Fail to Complete the Task

If you don’t mark the task as complete on time, a series of events are triggered:

Calling a Charge Not Legit

Depending on the situation, you may feel that a particular charge isn’t legit. Reasons could be:

Even if your reason isn’t listed above, you can go ahead and email me, including the reason you’re calling not legit.

The preferred way to call not legit on a charge is to reply directly to the email telling you you’re getting charged. By doing this, the charge is automatically paused until I can respond to you. Once we’ve agreed that your charge should be cancelled, I’ll go ahead and cancel the charge, or, if it’s already been finalized, I’ll issue you a refund.