Enabling the Beeminder integration gives you three new features:

Feature To Use
Post all new tasks to Beeminder on creation Set goal field in account settings, then add any new task
Post to Beeminder goal(s) on task creation Add task with one or more &-tags; e.g., The Task &goal-name
Post to Beeminder goal(s) on task completion Add task with one or more *-tags; e.g., The Task *goal-name

When a task is posted to Beeminder as a new datapoint, the following attributes are set:

Datapoint Field Value
Date Date task was added, or completed if using *-tag
Value Always 1
Comment Task summary, e.g., The Task by 3/24/2021, 11:59 PM or pay $10.00

Enable Beeminder Integration

To enable the integration, first navigate to your account settings.

Click “Enable Beeminder integration.”

You’ll be redirected to Beeminder’s website. Grant TaskRatchet access to your Beeminder account.

You’ll be redirected back to your account settings. Add the name of the Beeminder goal you’d like TaskRatchet to post your new tasks to, then click “Save.”

Now, whenever you add a new task, a 1 will be posted to the goal you specified in your account settings.

In addition, you can add a &goal-name tag to a task’s description to post to a goal on task create, and *goal-name to post to the goal on task complete.